My Braidloc Journey

After wearing my hair in its "natural" state for 4 years, I decided that I wanted to loc my hair. My challenge was that I have very fine and soft hair. Many stylist told me that dreadlocks, locs, or locks (which ever term you prefer) would not look good on me. Their reasoning was that my hair would look too thin and would not be full enough. So, I took their advice and decided not to pursue locking my hair. I settled on wearing my hair in nubian twist or kinky twist hair styles with extensions. Later, I came across the BradeLocz website by Cherie King and was introduced into the braidloc method of starting locs. After researching it more, I decide that I would give this method a try and watch what happens. I decided to blog about my journey to help those who may have a similar hair texture.

Here are few of my photos to document my Braidlocs journey:

Needless to say, after my installation, I was nervous because it was looking a little thin. Eventually it started to thicken up. See pictures below:

Thank you to Pamela Muhammad at Ancient Techniques Natural Hair Care Center in Richmond, VA! She has done a great job at starting my locs and maintaining them without using any heavy waxes or gels. I have learned that heavy products will weight my hair down and make it look thin. I use Brown Sugar Naturals Hair and Skin Oil to maintain my locs. I will try to keep you posted on my journey


Smell Goods Lady said...

Hey there beautiful lady! Looking forward to keeping up with your Braidloc Journey. My locs are pass my waist. I allow them to lock on their own, however when the new growth gets really heavy underneath, I braidloc them. That method is very effective. It's good that you were able to find someone who found a solution, instead of just saying, "No".

So Wheeler said...

They look great, very pretty.